Life in Alabama 10

The Greater Metropolitan Arab Constabulary have closed the roads. This presumably falls under maintenance of good order although if we bother to think about it solid dihydrogen oxide is much more ordered than the liquid form.

I quite realize that’s rather horrible physics humor but I could not resist. Even though yesterday was punday.

FD SCP has the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver engaged on one of the Huntsville channels which is treating the coating of the roads with solid dihydrogen oxide as a major news event. I must admit that it does exceed much of their coverage and definitely the Academy Awards. I find myself horribly disinterested in the least mediocre performance of some contemporary actor I am unaware of and who acted (loosely used) in some moving picture I haven’t seen and have scant desire to see.

I have had to come in here and blog lest I throw something hard at the EM A-V receiver and destroy it in my disgust. Yes, the pander of the talking heads is that bad. It was entertaining for a few minutes, the nonsense they sprouted about dihydrogen oxide and the profound demonstration of their abysmal ignorance, but after they started repeating themselves, either in desperation or mis-founded self-confidence, I was moved to transfer momentum to the monitor.

All I could ask for is the appearance of some politico-denialist or religionist terrorist so I can ignore them. Not that we are shy of those in Marshall county but they are at least kept a bit more under control in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill.

Also, the imagined image of Arab’s finest in a car chase of someone violating the curfew is highly entertaining. Bumper armageddon on ice! Based on observation I am conjecturing that both constabulary and citizenry have sufficient good sense to bunker in.

Climate Change, it’s what’s for life these days.