Flop Folk

President’s day. A bastardized holiday combining the birthday anniversaries of POTUS #1 and #16 so that a philandering religionist can be commemorated? At any rate, the weather is better than foretold by the weather beavers, the gym was blessedly sparse, especially of educationalists and weight bouncers, and the podcast was moderately diverting.

Why is it that educationalists only need exercise on days that schule is in session?

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with “Race”. After a recent blot I was a bit intrigued. I didn’t expect much science or even nerdery and in that regard I was not disproven. But I was rather disappointed in that the discussion was almost entirely artsy-fartsy and individualistic. No mention at all of the realpolitik of race. Of how it is sustained by the government and other organizations to “maintain order” and by those sub-societies who benefit from the backwash.

But I was intrigued after a while by the individuality. I realized, in media, that all of us are failures, not per se because of race, but because of organization and its methods. Simply put, all humans have to subjugate their desires and wants and, most importantly, their abilities to the maintenance of organization. And we are all the lesser for it. 

I won’t belabor this. It doesn’t need it. It’s one of those things that once identified is self-evident. The sort of thing the founding fathers would have implied and acted on but we lack the will or the courage to do so today. Probably also the opportunity. Humanity is not the dominant species on Tellus. Organization is.