Deep Wrongs

Fouler day. My thermometer sez 15 degF which is right where the weather beaver prophesied. Yes, I know that is religionist speak but after all today is the pseudo-shabbat of the primary religionists in Greater Metropolitan Arab. Of course we have a desert origin for that sect which is also rather strange. Why is it that religions that evolve (emerge?) in more hospitable climes are more friendly and tolerant?

Speaking of which, I noted [Link] that the Urbana gubmint is planning on renaming Boneyard creek. Sad business. What do we call the campus then? I myself will continue. That’s what it was when I was there and having learned it and being human I can’t fully change and besides why should I? What do I care if others can’t understand me? After all, I am a physicist and a nerd and that gets the fraction of the population that can understand some of what I say down to a small number anyway.

Thinking of stupid government actions, and yes, I do realize that is almost always redundant, I noticed that the local county representative, the one who can’t pitch tents and has a rather suspicious history with children, has laid nasty religionist chastisement on the county’s probate judge who finally decided he had better behave legally or get to stay in jail a while. Amusing, isn’t it. A judge, a justicer, who has to be treated as a criminal to do his sworn duty? Whatever is the state coming to? Outright rebellion? Or just abysmal prejudice and stupidity.

That seems to describe the morning.