Emergency MisManagement

Hectic morning. Higher air temperature but FD SCP and I are both sinusing. So I had to take her to MalWart early this morning to procure citric acid solution and various semi-controlled chemicals. Had rather a problem impressing on her that needed to do a bit of stocking since the worst cases all involve a week of bunkering.

On which note I have a bit of a redress to some of the weather service folk. I was listening to the Marsahll COunty Emergency Management PR person last evening on the local television news and the words "and the models may change" and the whole county EM instrumentality suddenly became techno-hicks and aSTEMs. Maybe not mental slime mold but definitely bog rejects from cellular telephone competency classes.

Simply put, the models (and their simulations, a distinction I won;t belabor here) that you use to forecast weather and such are not going to change frequently. They ain’t stationary but not several times daily. What does change is you keep feeding current conditions, which may be different previously predicted, and the models (simulations) give you updated predictions. The out put changes! Not the model. And to say the model changes immediately reveals you as incompetent and nekulturny and alienates the nerds and geeks listening to you. The common reaction is that they quit listening. Which is a MASSIVE failure on your part. A total fail of your job.

I know you gotta talk kid talk for the bogs but you also gotta not alienate the betas and alphas.