Composing Above Onself

Nice so far. The air temperature was above 40 degF so I was able to comply with the guidance of my cardiologist and go to the park for constitutional. As is usual my head got chilled ("cold") despite ear coverings and a hat, and my back ached, the latter from long absence. I got to listen to the conclusion of a "Pen Addict" podcast which was again rather concerned about notebooks, although this time less noxiously than last, and more constructively, and thus led me to consider a matter suggested me by my colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, sharing this cartoon: [Link]

with me. Of course the cartoonist portrayed this from his standpoint as an artist but those of us who compose have a similar problem.

Basically, that problem is deciding to use a "good" notebook for notes that one rather suspects – fears – are unworthy of the notebook. An unused notebook is a thing of majesty and presence, empty it seems nothing is worthy of altering that majesty and presence. This translates into an insecurity that anything we may have to compose is unworthy of the notebook and hence we tend to use crappy notebooks when we have many excellent notebooks that we treat as religionist virgins, as holy coprolites.

I used to think of this as a cost thing but now that class notebooks cost several dollars, even at the student store, I have come to question why this speed bump exists.

I have questioned other colleagues who compose; most of us do; and they all have this situation in some form. There is variation but less than the commonality. There is some indication that this is an INTRO thing; the EXTROs seem to suffer this less, which seems to go with their delusions of excellence. Which are often unfounded and always warped. They also participate in the perversion of spectator sports.

I have experimented with the idea that this is partly hubris, that if one uses an impressive notebook that is the same as assuming its contents will be impressive as well. This is clearly irrational but then we humans are cancerous with such.

The World Wonders.