Life in Alabama 5

Back when I worked for the Yankee army, if I had a duty or task and I said I didn’t want to do it, I was asked why. If I said I didn’t know how I either was given training or told to figure it out, which meant I wouldn’t be penalized for failure. If I said I didn’t feel like doing it or offered some other lame excuse, I would be told to clean out my desk and turn in my credentials.

I saw on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver last evening that some of the Alibam county probate judges don;t want to validate marriage licenses for LGBT marriages. So they;re just going to refuse to do so and send the licenses off to Muntgum for validation.

Sounds like discrimination to me. But also, ethical turpitude.

These judges are claiming that they have a religionist moral objection to validating these licenses.

Does this mean that you don’t have to do licenses for anyone you don’t approve of? No licenses for Jews or Hindus or Buddhists? How about Roman Catholics? Or those unique African-American denominations?

And what about your ethical obligations? You were elected to perform some duties. You accepted the office with an oath to fulfill those duties.

So either fulfill your duties or turn in your credentials. Simple as that.

And to the state dermatologist. When you appoint placeholders, rise above your dislikes and appoint people who will perform the duties of the office.

The Yankee army of occupation could come back. Not that they don;t have their own problems these days with religionist bigotry and oppression.