Life in Alabama 4

Gad! I hate winter. Currently enjoying that strange sinus drainage where you can respire easily if vertical but as soon as you are horizontal your nostrils shut off. Hence, no sleep since Saturday. Or let us say, only lousy sleep. And no, I don’t mean lice infested sleep. That would be an improvement, I think.

Anyway, my mind is so much slime mold right now – and I know that’s a horrible oleo of metaphor but it’s indicative of the effects of lack of good sleep – and blogging is at the sorry state you are reading.

I am reminded of what one of the Bishops of Rome – one of the Leos, I believe – told Anselm. Since I’m already tired and sore and achy I may as well fast, and going the next mental step to hallucinations isn’t that far away.

Meanwhile, we have another bitter day on the way to a night of drippage. So perhaps the absence of sleep tonight won’t be a waste.