Went to gym this morning. 19 degF when I left Castellum SCP. Had to put up with innumerable word abusers, including folks who claim to be meteorologists, who used the word "cold" inaccurately. Word rapists. Word abusers.

Cold is a sensation. It is not a thermodynamic observable. You can’t compute it with a partition function. Gibbs and Helmholtz didn’t write tomes about it. Cold made no cannons. Nor caused any phase transitions.

But its common use as a descriptor of weather does cause nausea and headaches. And the desire to do violence to perfectly innocent electromagnetic audio-visual receivers. I shan’t mention the desire to do to those who say such.

Cold is a sensation. So is hot. Days are not cold, hot or even warm. People can feel cold, hot or warm. There is some work that indicates that cold is more closely correlated with convective cooling than actual air temperature. So air motion, not its temperature, is the primary generator of cold. That and weird noise in the nervous system.

So pray quit saying that the weather or the day is cold or hot or warm. It is inaccurate, wrong, and stupid. I know the latter is irrelevant to bogs but not to geeks who ape their stupidity. Pray quit or unintended circumstances cannot be warranted to unoccur.

And negative kudos to ALL of the weather beavers in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill and at the Yankee government’s weather service. You all blew the minimum temperature this morning. Big time. At least five degF! No gold stars today. Now I can’t impose Henry’s penance on you but you can take heart that at least there is no snow on ground, just frozen puddles. And the praying is optional.