Mundane Stupidity

Once more into week in. The gym was about modally populated for one day and the weight bouncers were in a medium harassment mode, mostly grunting viscerally whenever you had to near them. Made me think of the merits of pepper spray and recon marines.

The podcast was a bit of a downer. This episode of the CBC’s "Best of Ideas" was a Dalton Camp lecture from 2013 and the speaker was some journalist whose chief claim to fame seemed to be his drug addiction. Apparently that demonstrates something but I am unsure of what other than weakness and depravity. That also describes his talk which was billed as "the next big thing". I finished the podcast and he never said what "the next big thing" was. Mostly he rambled in a very good approximation of a verbal drunkard’s walk and said nothing memorable or obviously worthy of being selected to give the talk. Since this is a journalism talk I concluded that this was an accurate snapshot of the state of journalism today: incoherent, rambling, and ineffective to incompetent.

And yesterday I ran across this picture

in an article [Link] on the PEW poll that indicated the differences between the opinions of bogs and STEM nerds. I immediately thought about those experiments recently that indicated that most humans don’t like to think and will do themselves an injury to avoid thinking. So from the picture I had to consider if modern organized religion is a means to avoid thinking and hurt oneself. The indications are decidedly positive.

On which azimuth, I also have to include this cartoon: [Link]

that demonstrates how bogs will hurt themselves (and others) to keep from thinking.