Absent Script

Once more to ice cream day, the back edge of week out. And the weather beavers are foretelling lots of sky drooling. At least it will help us in our deficit of dihydrogen oxide.

Despite the adequate air temperature this morning I did the stationary bicycle thing, more as continuity as wet avoidance. The podcast was again an episode of "The Pen Addict" and some better despite a few grating grammar glitches. The discussion was – pleasantly – not centered upon those field notebooks that they tend to get so manic about. Of course the whole podcast is rather a bit manic but in lots of dimensions, rather like a cocklebur.

I did somewhat appreciate a segment about "persona; font", the font one has when one writes. This rather immediately put me in mind of this cartoon: [Link]

which rather captures some of the problem with folks today. When I was a young man, everyone could write (as in cursive,) except the trash people. Even those who had dropped out of schule because their families were poor and they had to work as children worked very hard to at least learn how to write their signature in cursive and even studied writing on their own. Many of these folks became quite successful which rather proves Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s claim that really good students learn despite the bad teachers.

I have already discussed this intriguing variant on the Ideal of the Good previously and will not revisit now.

Except to comment that what society thinks is almost never the Good.

Anyway, nowadays, I find too few can write. In both senses of the word. Most people have a personal font that is somewhere between COMIC SANS (R) and RUFSCRIPT (R). Which reminds me of professors in college, mostly Type 1 courses, who required that all exam essays be written in cursive and that points would be deducted for grammar and spelling errors as well as illegibility and poor composition. People today have neither legibility nor composition skills.

I personally have rather strange writing. That comes of being a nerd STEM. My handwriting is molded by my work. When you have to operate in Roman, Greek, and Hebrew alphabets plus maths, how you write stuff is different from other nerds, much less bogs. I am forever being asked what different things I have written are and upon conscious examination discovering I have used a furrin character or a maths symbol in my general writing.

It is worse with many bogs, especially the young ones. They can’t read cursive at all, at least in some – too many – instances. I have scant sympathy. They have no excuse of poverty, only an inept educational instrumentality and their own absence of will and mind and cognition. Which is a deep and vapid absence. Not the pleasant kind of silence, but the awful kind of teeth broken.

So once again I have good reason to be happy I am ORF.