Passenger Pigeons of Amerika

Once more to week out, and the nastiness of the weather seems to be on the increase. So FD SCP and I are doing the we-hate-dripping angst in preparation.

I have noticed lately an increase in disagreements among different "professional" "types". I put both those in quotes because, in the first case, everyone in the Yankee republic, including garbage gatherers and used motorcar retailers consider themselves to have a professional aspect, and, in the second, that the taxonomy is popular rather than exact. Anyway, there is a interdisciplinary board that is supposed to arbitrate differences between "professions" and their workload of late has been increasing, mostly between physicians and other folks with doctorates. So I got interested in demographics and did some looking up on the internet.

By professional I essentially mean a traditional knowledge worker, someone who is paid for their knowledge as well as their skills. This eliminates the garbage gatherers and used motorcar retailers from consideration.

I should also preface by saying that I could not find any demographic data on the total numbers of either MBAs or men-of-the-cloth.

Excepting that, I found the populations of the Yankee republic is approximately 324 Megapeople (Mp). Of these 1.8 (also approximately but I am dropping the explicit statement as now implied,) Mp. That’s about 0.056 of the total population. Slightly more than 1 in 20 on a sampling basis.

There are about 1.5 Mp engineers, 1.2 Mp lawyers, and 0.9 Mp physicians.

Within STEMs, and I don’t include physicians in that "type", there are also 85 Kp chemists, 18 Kp physicists, and 3 Kp mathematicians.

I couldn’t get good data on how many doctorates there were by "type" but it seems that what we have here is a bunch of rare birds fighting over worms.

But it still grates me when physicians can’t call other "doctors" by their degree.