Life in Alabama 3

The customer is something less than pond scum.

That’s business in Alibam. We have two types of businesses in Alibam: big and small. I don’t have any problem calling them big box stores and small box stores so long as we realize the sizing adjectives refer to the stores and not the boxes. The boxes are what they sell. And how you have to buy. No trying on clothes. No feeling of the contents. No pre-test or inspection.

There is no customer service. The big stores, like MalWart and such don’t care about customers because they are always going to have customers for the simple reason that you buy from them or go without. All they care about is maximizing the amount of money that they get to keep. The small stores also don’t care. The less marginal money they get to keep on some transaction, the less they care. And they don’t care about customers because all of them have the same attitude so if a customer leaves to go somewhere else they get the mirror in return. And because they have a constant flux of customers, they can avoid any emotional association.

You can buy a large appliance in Alibam; you can’t get it serviced.

There are some notable exceptions to this that prove the rule. High end good stores usually have better customer service, but it always has an eye to the mode and not the wings. If you’re a customer in the wings of the distribution, you won;t get positive service. They’ll try to run you off. Inadequate Return On Cost. There are small stores that have good service but almost only if the owners are “retired”. That is, folks who retired from whatever they were doing, had bupkus drek for a pension and invested their savings in a small business. The problem is that these tend to be specialty places selling semi-luxuries and so you get your ego salved but not necessary goods. Not a thing to be spurned but it doesn’t solve the problems of life.

Government if the same way. When politicians are running for office, they give a lot of appearance of caring but no result – that’s forbidden by the election laws. And once elected all they care about was the big donors and sponsors. So representation is vacuous.

They haven’t completely ruined the air yet but give them time. And the weather is drek since they are all climate change denialists because that’s what their corporate masters want them to be.

Even local government is this way. It’s composed of real estate agents and all they are interested in are people who don’t live here.

And they all wonder why the internet is ruining them?