Linux and Stupidity

Back to week in. Air temperature not too low but the air motion is brutal. Not as bad as the coastal yankees are going to have to endure but that’s what they get for being yankees and living up Nawth.

The gym was passable and the podcast moderately diverting if a bit too correct and indecisive. At least the weight bouncers were a bit subdued this morning and not quite menacing. So I had a bit of opportunity for reflection, which was interrupted by a statement by the state attorney general, which prompted the previous blot. Sometimes I think the state would be better off if still occupied by the Yankee Army. Of course, that wouldn’t eliminate the religionist nonsense and bigotry and harassment.

On which azimuth, I ran across two articles of interest yesterday. The first, [Link] argues that Winders X is the death knell of the Linux desktop, and the second, [Link] identifies the "ideal" Linux user. Both are annoying and laughable but thought provoking.

The argument for Winders X is that MegaHard is giving it away. And it’s supposed to be an all device OS. Gee, wonder where they got that idea? Sounds like blatant imitation of Canonical. And, of by the way, how popular is Canonical? Way down the last couple of years, just like MegaHard.

Let me break at this juncture to make a statement. I have ceased to care about the "year of the Linux desktop". Not that I ever cared much. But I have come to the realization that Linux is a lot better than Winders and FruitOS and part of that is because of the current community. I will not forbid any users of other OS from changing to Linux but I am not going to evangelize them either. Call it intellectual elitism if you want but I like a community of technically competent folks. I think of it as a form of Bose condensation.

If someone asks me about Linux I will be happy to answer questions, and if they want to try it I will help them get started but I ain’t gonna be a Winders level IT support guy. If you can’t do for yourself – most of the time – then I don’t want to waste lifespan on you. Others can be evangelists if they like but for me the Linux desktop is here and good and better than Winders or FruitOS and those who can’t recognize this are not worth the trouble. You can’t make an Alpha out of a Gamma.

That’s why I am not worried about MegaHard giving away WX. It’s only for a year. And they are clearly trying to kill off WXP and W8 so they don’t have to support them any more and can close down their litigation fears. I doubt that many of the folks who download a free copy will install anyway.

Because they can’t. They’re the folks who need IT support. They don’t install OS. They buy computers with the OS already installed. New OS version?, New computer. Partly because they are technically incapable of installing and partly because their hardware won’t work right with the new version. And MegaHard engineered both of those situations.

So anyone who abandons Linux for WX is welcome to leave the building. We probably didn’t want you anyway and assuredly will be better off without.

The second article is just as bad. It says,

"The average user is ideal for Linux, because this user:

Doesn’t want to upgrade to the latest-greatest

Doesn’t game

Spends the majority of their time within a browser

Is prone to installing toolbars, screensavers, and apps to "speed up their PCs"

Complains every time they have to "spend money to remove junk"

which is, that the ideal Linux user is a Bog.

If anything, Linux is a lot safer to leave unupdated than Winders or FruitOS. And if Bogs want to install Linux, fine. Go ahead. Don’t ask me to do it. I only do things like that for my mother.

You may have noticed, but there is no community of Winders users. No little groups that meet. There may be for FruitOS, but I know there are for Linux OS. And the standards are pretty high. No bogs present for long, like maybe one meeting. No sympathy if you can’t do command line.

So if browser bogs and other Winders serfs want to migrate to Linux there’s plenty of how-to information on the web and in the book stores. Go and learn and do. Or not. As you choose. But my ‘tear of the Linux desktop’ was several years ago.