The Making of Evil

A strange week out. Yesterday was absent of the foretold snow (semi-solid dihydrogen oxide variety) but essentially continuously with liquid dihydrogen oxide drooling from the sky. That seems to have ceased. Also rather miserable feeling air temperatures all day – above the dihydrogen oxide freezing point but still bitter in the bones. Ah! the joys of seniorness.

It occurs that saying dihydrogen oxide is a bit cumbersome so I shall try to change to an acronym DHO. I have no doubt that the nerds and geeks among the readery can master this and any bogs who cannot should consider doing something useful with their lives like donating their organs to medicine.

I had the bemusement this morning of bing unable to find the podcast I had been listening to the last two days. The problem was that I had a dozen episodes of that particular podcast on my MP3 player, and I could not find the episode I had been listening to the last two days. And since I did not want to start a new episode I just gave up on a bad deal. The episode never rose above the level of not-quite-diverting, much less entertaining, so I was not out much. Instead I read bits from Westfall’s biography of Sir Isaac.

I say bits because what was written was quite provocative of cogitation. And I was reminded that

it is in the nature of humans, homo sapiens, at least, that we invent/discover new and wonderful things and within a generation (sorta mean) we have corrupted them into something evil and organized.

Take the public schule system. It has suffered many such organizations and evilifyings As Neil DeGrasse Tyson has noted, students have to be successful in spite of the teachers. What Westfall reminds is that progress is only made by those who learn how to teach themselves and not only do so but are not hammered into submission by the system.

Our schools are not places of education, but training of the middle of the distribution. The Deltas are consigned to the mental equivalent of ball pits and the Alphas either manage to transcend being harassed and degraded or succumb to life as pond scum.

I am glad that my days of schule are past. I am too old to transcend their evil once again.