Food for Thought

Into Freya’s day, the boundary between gym and week out. And the sky droolith dihydrogen oxide. I assayed it moments ago to trundle the recyclage bin from garage to verge, meeting the apparently arbitrary cutoff time by 420 seconds. I say arbitrary since the actual time the recyclage gets collected by the teleoperated arm lorry is somewhere between two hours from now and two days based on actual observation.

The good news is that since there is liquid precipitation – the weather beavers foretell (soft) solid precipitation on the morrow – and hence the air temperature is above the phase shift. The sky must be overcast because the light pollution is less than usual, limited to the verge lamps which is one of the few useful (?) services provided by the city governance of real estate agents. Evidently well (??????????) lit neighborhoods helps sell houses. Otherwise the government would spend the money on something else of likely no benefit to the tax payers.

I have noted this trend of late. The nature of government is that we pay taxes and the government provides collective services less a bit of overhead. The services are supposed to benefit the taxpayers, with those who do not pay taxes getting a bit of free ride. But these days it seems the free riders get rather more than the tax payers. Ah well, the Reprodenialists must be in the legislative majority.

On the goo azimuth, I noted an article [Link} about how European archaeologists had dug a cave in Spain (no mention of rain) and discovered (?) that ancients ate dogs, cats, foxes and badgers (among other, usual (?) animals) during a period between 3 and 7 KYA observed. This is only semi-news. It has long been known that humans tend to widen their dietary choices when the density gets low. And we have societies, both here in the Americas and in Asia, where dog is still meat. But I am intrigued by the idea that dogs have been domesticated longer than this but not cats. Is this because cats resisted domestication until we got more disciplined (?) in our culinary choices? And is eating dog a betrayal of trust?

I should comment that I have never eaten either, but I am not indisposed to sample cat. I do feel it would be treachery to eat dog. Dogs are valued companions. Cats on the other hand are parasites and they hunt tree mammals who are also a bit nasty but not in the mid to far field. Just keep them away from rising dough. I once put some yeast roll dough out on aft porch to rise and the squirrels were all over the wire wall. I must remember to ask my biologist colleagues what it is about the aroma that draws them.

Anyway, I should imagine that cat would be quite good if roasted in mud under embers. Not that I am about to try it. Easier foodstuffs to obtain. And if I ate the cats who would I get to practice my language skills on?