In Unpraise of Honda

I had occasion yesterday to motor to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill and get my motorcar bashed by the local Honda dealer, Plum Motors.[Link] The experience was horrible!

No the service was great, as always. The problem was that the Plum folks had enlarged their customer lounge and totally ruined their "quiet" room. It was overrun with loud talkers who talked among themselves and on their cellular telephones. It was impossible to get any work done. I was finally so disgusted and frustrated that I moved into the general lounge which was actually quieter including the telly babble.

I am seriously considering selling my Honda motorcar after I find a dealer who has a repair facility that is more nerd/geek friendly. This is not an easy decision to make. I have been dealing with Plum for over twenty years and I dearly like Honda motorcars. But recently things have gone to cheese: Honda has discontinued all their models that I would consider purchasing; and FD SCP has been doing a bit of a Katarina that I purchase a motorcar that can be serviced in Greater Metropolitan Arab. She cites the 45 minute drive each way to/from Plum. If my time waiting for service there is to be compromised by an ineffective quiet policy then I may have to accede to her admonitions.

Actually I find this a bit surprising. Huntsville is the STEM center of Alibam, almost of the old Confederacy. Most of the merchants are used to selling to STEMs with their rational, analytical approach to spending money. I can hope this is a momentary lapse at Plum but if not I may be forced to adopt anew set of driving hardware.