Mundaane Intrusion

A sparse day at gym. Undoubtedly because public day care – that seems a more fitting descriptive than schule – is desessioned for the birthday anniversaries of Martin Luther King and Robert Edward Lee. . Only educationalists I saw were staffers. But the weight bouncers were essentially absent save the polite ones.

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s "Besr of Ideas" entitled "Are Men Obsolete?" The discussion was about the trend for men to do poorly in modern society: failing in schule; failing in employment; failing in relationships. I kept wondering if men are failing then why do I keep getting confronted by cries that we need greater gender diversity in different environments, mostly the workplace. Could it be that the inept – bogs – are failing and that nerds and geeks are no good at relationships anyway.

Perhaps a better question would be "Are Humans Obsolete?"

Glad to be an ORF.