5081 days

Out to the edge of week out. If I had known the air temperature is high enough I could have had constitutional. But I missed it and so I am the less. But I did run across another cartoon: [Link]

that brought back memories. One is that it was no problem to sleep in the computer center if one didn’t mind doing so on a linoleum or outdoor carpet (yuck!) floor. That was part of the society of mainframe computer centers in the punch card days, at least among the researchers. The ones I encountered working for Yankee government didn’t permit sleeping. In fact, they didn’t let you hang about. You just submitted your jobs at a window and came back later and checked if the runs were done. Come back too often pestering the clerk and your runs got “lost”.

The hard part was protecting the cards from the weather. Summer was worst. The humidity made them stick. Some folks powdered their cards but I just riffled them.

There was a special society that emerged after midnight: the truly serious. Some were just code fanatics but most were STEM nerds working on projects. Not the solitary stuff of desktops. Sleep was what you did while waiting for runs.