Internet ‘Truth’

Edge of gym. Sparse today. Enjoyable. The density of arrogant weight bouncers and shrill educationalists was low. And the podcast, an episode of “Linux Luddites” was passable. Except for nasty comments about putting podcasts together to be too hard. Such are an indication the podcast is fixing to collapse. And then I shall have to find a replacement diversion.

Speaking of diversion, I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

the other day and I was struck by how the cartoonist had captured the essence of bog. I know some bogs who think that anything they read (or see) on internet is “true”. Ditto for what they hear on the television. They don;t read, except maybe their bibles, but I rather doubt that except to exercise their highlighters during sermon.

I have to hasten to say that I don’t seek these folk out but that sometimes I cannot evade having to interact with them, usually in a commercial interaction. And sadly, Nawth Alibam, the whole old Confederacy, in fact, has rather a lot of these people. They may exist in the rest of the Yankee republic but I cannot speak as surely about them.

I suspect these folks are closely related to politicians, especially the ones in legislatures. They tend to be in denial of anything that they consider “too hard”: evolution; abortion; climate; science in general. They definitely fit that 0.85 (or so) of the species who would rather do themselves a harm than think. Sadly, such harm seems to never be fatal prior to reproduction.