Mundane Ineptitude

Wet but – relatively – warm. No complaints. But it was good to get back to gym even if the educationalists and weight bouncers were out in numbers. And annoyance. The educationalists once more demonstrated that the admonition of ‘indoor voice’ doesn’t apply to them. My podcast listening kept being interrupted by harpy shrillness. And the weight bouncers seemed to have stored up strutting somehow. So I was glad to be done and gone.

I ran across this cartoon; [Link]

yesterday and it struck resonance. Of course it is incomplete. There’s at least one more cycle for graduate schule. But what was most striking was how the world has changed. My parents passed on to me a myth that if one obtained an education one could be successful. This was a hold over of the depression era and the Great Patriotic War. And since they had not matriculated they equated education with college.

Even then, in the sixties, attending college had ceased to be implicitly an education. A major is not the same as an education, at least in a Capellan sense and probably in an actual sense. Still there was a meaningful sense that one could attend college, not matriculate, and still be successful, at least monetarily. I consider myself moderately educated but I obtained that education in spite of my majors and attending college.

Nowadays that myth has become even more inaccurate. College is no longer about education. It’s about a degree and possibly some training. And sadly that’s what society wants, in some sense. Somehow society has become inimical to the educated. They are dangerous and untrustworthy. Not good serfs. The activists and liberals prate about social consciousness and justice but neither is any more than a catch phrase. What society wants is silence and acceptance.

I fear again for the survival of the species.