Winter Failure

The winter continues. Last night was a bit worse for lowest temperature. This leads me to reflect on the disappointments of the day. The POTUS has announced a program of free junior college tuition for mediocre accomplishment. The Reprodenialists are asking how this state support will be found given the eminent bankruptcy of the nation. This smacks of nasty politics and bear baiting. Elephant baiting?

I have to wonder if this is the death knell of the American education system? The matter will carry. No failing tyranny can resist bread or circuses and this is a bit of both. But it portends to further reduce the collegiate system to the decrepitude of the secondary schule system. Of course the collegiate system was already failing because the graduates of the secondary system are inadequately educated. They know ell the answers to the questions on the Yankee government’s tests but not much else. Education is approaching the vacuum.

The road to feudalism now seems clear. Our society is already in collapse.

And I sorrow for the French. They have been much the brunt of this religionist horror. Good people killed and evil people obtained all they wanted.

It is a foul new year.