Winter Present

My heat pump tells me the exterior temperature is 5 degF. The wireless aft porch thermometer tells me 6. Probably within the measurement error. Not a bad night. Aside from the complications of drainage. Sinus, that is. Both FD SCP and I. Lots of coughing. And dry mouth complications.

The new taps are a mixed blessing. Yes, they drip and trickle nicely but they also rumble unless pulsed every few minutes. I have accepted a bit of waiting to see if insight will strike.

The weather beavers foretell maybe mid twenties this afternoon so this seems likely a bunker day. So be it. The schule system has delayed start until 0900. The temperature is supposed to be up to 14 degF by then. Not a good move. Yes, it helps those scant few who ride buses and walk(?) but totally mess up those whose parents drive them to schule and thence themselves to work. I suspect a great deal of absence today as parents leave children at home and go to work on time. Poor thinking on the part of the educationalists.

I have been watching all week as city street workers disassemble holiday lights and such. I shiver at their exposure and doubly ask whether the effort was worth it. I think not. One of the joys of living in Greater Metropolitan Arab where the government is run by real estate agents. At least the electrons kept flowing all night.