When will I be rid of this lightheadedness? At least the mucus is not as bad as usual and the accompanying nausea. I do so dislike winter.

On which horrible azimuth I had occasion yesterday to reflect on one area where technology has ameliorated winter. That area is ear covers or earmuffs although I find that name misleading since we don’t cram our ears into them. Over the holidays I caught sight of that Christmas movie about growing up in the ’50’s. I forget the name. Aversion, I suppose. The one with all the horrible cliché embarrassments. But I recall well the ear covers of those days. A pair of pompoms on the ends of a horse shoe shaped flexible. Rather like ear phones used to be. And they didn’t work very well. Leaks. Air crept in. And my ears were never great heat generators anyway so they tended to feel icy all winter.

But yesterday I sallied forth and the wind was bitter so I grabbed a pair of new fangled ear covers I had been given. These are all one piece and sit on the back of the neck. Rather insubstantial. But I was quite surprised. I was standing in the wind pumping petrol into my motorcar when I realized my face was cold but my ears were not. A marvelous demonstration of effectiveness. And of the advance of technology.

My hope for humanity is revived. A bit.

And when I got to my next destination I realized that another salient feature of ear covers had not been improved. Where does one put them when not needed? Neither the old ones nor the new fold up well and fit in a pocket, and one really doesn’t want to walk about inside with them on like one is eight years old again. Or is accustomed to wearing an aluminium foil hat.

But then I realized once again I am ORF and what do I care what bogs think? For that matter, do bogs think? Not often I read. So I left them on until I returned to Castellum SCP.