Winter Nears

Well, winter approaches. So far the weather beavers have been a bit pessimistic but I prefer that and cheer them on. Still draining but having to nudge myself for the sake of survival. Slept mediocre. Better than most sundae nights but less ‘dead’ than the last few. Perhaps the drainage is ebbing? Phalanges entwined.

The gym was crowded again, at least for that time of day. The educationalists and weight bouncers were back in strength and arrogance. If I hadn’t been so lightheaded from the drainage I would have felt intimidated. As is, just irritated and daring them to beat me insensate.

Podcasts shuffled today because of the lightheadedness. Got one set into my schedule and discovered I hadn’t engaged the MP3 player. So I listened to the science bits from NPR which were mostly health and medical and that seemed to fit my mindset.

Not much to comment on. Haven’t read much except diversionary stuff. Hard to have deep thoughts with mucus. Lovecraft would understand. Maybe.

FD SCP tells me she is going to assay going to work. Better today than Thor’s day, IMHO.

Film at E;even.