Book Stupids

Back to week in. The air was trying to go fawg this morning but only being successful in turbulence shielded spots. Gym was almost back to modal, except for the educationalists and weight bouncers, so the loud chatter and bullying was down. And the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s "Best of Ideas" was about microbes and humans.

In the aftermath I got to consider an article [Link] I ran across. It reports the fraction of the Amerikan population that did NOT read any books last year.

This led me to consider illiteracy. Usually illiteracy is defined as being unable to read. But a more general casting is not reading, and that implies that we should include those who do not read, whether by choice or ineptitude, among the illiterate. This is much better. Normally the Yankee republic claims a literacy fraction > 0.9 which makes it a meaningless metric. But under these criteria if drops to 0.77 (of less) which is much more in keeping with the intellectual tenor of the nation’s population.

There are those among the information technology types – geeks and nerds and even a few bogs – who claim that technology will do away with reading. Everything will be videos. I personally find videos rather sorry and slow. Nothing is less interesting to me than a TED talk. Much time spent conveying little information. I suppose that is a consequence of the information revolution. We feel so rich in information that we can be lazy about it. And are.

I feel the urge to read a book.