Loser Seaon 2?

Lovely morning. Air temperature high enough to permit a constitutional in the park. A bit chilling but in the end worth the depredation. And the outside, bit of natural poking through, environment gave me pause to reconsider the extent of the seasonal losing.

From the transitional category we have to anoint those folks who fell for the Sony conspiracy and actually went to the celluloid epic palace for (or downloaded off EwTube) the movie that is somewhere behind a silent, black and white version of "Crime and Punishment" for our attendance. I shall not mention the name so as not the embarrass the oblivious.

On the permanent category however, we have to give honorable (?) mention to all the folks who are still using Winders XP. I am not in the mode of defending Winders serfs, even though I still run XP on a couple of lapboxes for the sole purpose of using Sciencey Wurd because the manufacturer, Son of Garbage Disposal, hasn’t released the long promised Linux version yet and if I want to get nerd papers written I have to suffer Winders.

But those folks who still run XP, which includes FD SCP, do so because they have inadequate choices. None of the later Winders are satisfying and fulfilling and some – Metro by its original name – is as noxious as Unity. And Ubuntu has finally been restored to some – peripheral – sanity with the release of Ubuntu MATE which is a reasonable ersatz of Gnome 2. I installed it on my testing box, delighted with its speed as a live CD, and augmented it with KDE 5, which is also quite fast. Not that I expect the evil Baron Michael of Canonical to come to his senses but one of these days he may get a Unity phonebox to play with and leave us to move on with our lives.

The same seems unlikely for the Winders XP folk. They increasingly are one with the denizens of Grand Fenwick and have no Q Bomb lurking in the shadows of a dungeon. I cogitate Kaddish for them. They are stuck in a chasm between changing to an OS that works as they want and upgrading – so to speak – to new hardware and new OS that do not what they wish. This is the very epitome of slavery of the mind if not body, but it is purer than submission. Martyr are implicitly losers and that sadly is what these stalwarts ultimately are but nonetheless admired for their dedication to good.