Loser Season?

Starting back when I was in high schule and continuing in college I was repeatedly amazed a bit at how football players consider everyone else to be "losers". Except, at the campus of the Boneyard, rugby players who considered football players to be losers and made it stick. I have always entertained that idea that most, not all, football players – and coaches – are losers. The ones who can’t do anything else except prostitute themselves to being objects of perversion.

Sp I kept getting drawn to this idea the last few days. I should comment that it has been a long week and shows no sign of becoming any more hurried. Evidently pain and torture are supposed to be slow. Yesterday I arose and did the stationary bicycle thing, it being too reduced in air temperature for a constitutional, and was left with several hours before FD SCP arose from slumber. So I perused a bit of internet. On Lifehacker I noted an article on what to do if you don’t observe christmas. The list was short and urban – very urban – it basically consisted of: go to a movie; and/or eat at a Chinese/Jewish restaurant.

In Greater Metropolitan Arab, anyone who doesn’t observe christmas is considered a loser, a radical, and probably, a demodenialist. Good reprodenialist christianists – and yes, those are redundant but helpful for those who don’t live in the old Confederacy. – consider anyone not them to be evil and depraved and needing to be shot on sight. I noticed an article [Link] yesterday about folks from elsewhere in the Yankee republic who had moved to the old Confederacy for ambition reasons who went "home" for the season. My conjecture is they are avoiding the harassment from the natives over how and how much to observe christmas.

I get a fair amount of that. FD SCP and I have pretty well ceased adorning the castellum now that we are retired. No tree. No place to put it and besides too easy to stumble over their kibble. No wreaths. No illuminated exterior sculpture, plastic or otherwise. My welded steel rod toy soldiers, hand wired years ago, molder in the attic. And all around us the sky is polluted with Griswold style photonic kitsch. Back when we first moved to Greater Metropolitan Arab, people would erect quite large "greeting cards" on their lawns. Basically two sheets of plywood suitably painted, supported, and illuminated with flood lights. Big christmas cards. And we would observe these either in passing or as part of a mapped tour. Many of these cards were quite inventive, well executed, and had an uplifting message that transcended the christianist take over of solstice. No more, sadly, and I am unsure why.

I ventured out yesterday to check on the maternal parent unit and after that was played out I motored about the business ghetto of Greater Metropolitan Arab in search of an open business. We have no theater but all of the movie rental places were closed. We have one Chinese restaurant and it was closed. No Jewish restaurants. The only store I could find open was a rather ratty petrol station cum junk food store. Such is the hubris of living in the Old Confederacy. If one does not observe christmas then one has to bunker in and be prepared, which is very boy scout and evidently no longer acceptably christianist.

The other part of the reprodenialist milieu is that today will be the great day of returning unsuitable presents and looting the stores of the lees and returns of others. The false trappings of christianism are fully returned to the dark holes they reside in until next year. And winter is charging in.

At least I don’t have gutter light strung that I will have to studiously ignore removing.