Dies Vis

The day of stress has arrived. But after yesterday it seems refreshing, at least at this slack moment. After yesterday I have no doubts that I am an Intro; the crowding of family repast and the house social after were as exhausting as a day of cap trooper training. To say nothing of the time wasted. Not that I am likely to have accomplished anything with it but perhaps I might have and certainly I did not with this.

I am not against family. It can be abided and even, occasionally, joyful, but any large gathering immediately puts intros in bunker mode and all ones energy is dedicated to not shivering in abject rejection.

I did run across this cartoon: [Link]

the other day and I was taken by it. It is inaccurate but that is in keeping with an almost uneducated adolescent. Assuming the cartoonist isn’t also so deficient, which is a holiday gift.

A Neatist technically is one who is against disorder and for false order, which is not quite the same as portrayed here but probably beyond the comprehension of many bogs. There are, in this case, two types of order: room order and mental order. The sum of the two is approximately a constant although the constant depends on the individual.

What intelligent, rational people do is to maximize mind order and thereby minimize room order. What unintelligent, maybe ration, people do is maximize room order. This is especially the instance with parents who have lost comprehension of the nature of mind order of adolescents. That memory gets eroded by too much socio-economic reality. Only those who can rise above this morass can identify with all stages of mind order.

And simply put, they’re both "wrong" because the adolescent’s grasp of order is incomplete and will remain so absent the right education, which is becoming increasingly rare.

The problem is acerbated by emotionally engaging containers. Which tends to prove "das ding an sich". Holiday Humor. Sadly isn’t punday. Selah.