Long Winter Nap

One more day. But the stress starts to peak today in family repast. Oh! The joys of the season. And then the weather gets miserable.

I recall a science fiction story of a society that had electronic suspended animation. This technology manifest itself as a marital practice. Men would keep their wives in suspension except when they needed social diversion or accompaniment. Not really any mention of reproduction or children. Or what would happen to the population levels. Another instance of rich self-extermination akin to having too many children?

Anyway, rather genderist and paternalistic but that was the era. And economic. You can only sell science fiction that is a LITTLE way out. Go beyond that point and the next generation will appreciate your too brief career and discorporation from starvation.

But what appealed here was the idea of some way to suspend oneself and only be aware when the weather was good. Spring and Fall? Of course one has to be independent economically but that fits ORF as does the idea of stretching oneself. Of course the pensioning organization would probably want to suspend payments during suspension but that might be worked out. Would play merry ned with all sorts of other organizations. Like the power companies and the mortgage companies and such. But it is very appealing. Especially at this time of year.

Something about escaping all of this stress and relatives and superstition and such.