Can’t Do Algebra

Sag. That’s how I feel this morning. Slept passably last night and long and then arose to a bit of stationary bicycling. Which is amusing to say since it is the strongest form of stochastic process, one that is essentially deterministic. In the maths sense, not the religious. There is a bit of uncertainty whether I am actually going to discipline myself to get on the bicycle and stay there.

This has been a soresome week. Too much to do, to little relief of stress over it. Just unrelenting to-do each morning. And two of the days with the high possibility of dire tidings. And next week bodes to be more of the same. And then winter is in full bloom. I do dislike both of the seasons, holiday and winter.

But getting back to blogging a bit, I ran across an article [Link] about a study out in the land of Golden Earthquakes about how making high schule students who flunked algebra repeat had – effective – zero effect. It has the disadvantage – nastiness, actually – of being cloaked a bit in social mumbo-jumbo (is that term racist? I f so, I haven’t been informed.) but what it actually says is that some humans just can’t do maths.

Yes, Mrs. and Mr. Smith, Johnny (Jane – gender renormalization) is mentally deficient and can never be a real human because he (she) can’t get maths beyond finger counting. At least in the instrumentality of contemporary education. Maybe with the help of a tutor who really knows maths and isn’t just parroting the syllabus written by a book company and religionist fanatics, but still probably not. Because – simply – some humans are deficient.

In fact, all humans are deficient. Fact of Life. Accept it and get constructive. Or take euthanasia. That Johnny/Jane can’t even be calculate doesn’t mean that they don’t have other skills that other humans lack. Besides, Johnny/Jane will have no problem fitting in. They just have to live in a community where the adults are perpetually telling the children they won’t even use algebra after high schule and those communities are the mode in Amerika. No they can never be STEM, except maybe a simple sort of biologist or a technician who can operate by finger counting but there are lots of other things they can do in our society. And some of them actually pay better. Because STEMs are generally underpaid.

But that isn’t something the public schule educationalist instrumentality will ever utter. Because then they might actually be held accountable and have to teach.

Of course there are lot of educationalists who want to teach. All of them claim to, so a bit of prevarication filtering is necessary. But they don’t, because that’s not what they get paid to do. And generally aren’t permitted to by the management.

So don’t take it so bad that Johnny/Jane can’t do algebra.