Back to week in. Air temperatures up a bit and aerosols present enough to be heavy haze. Of course the weather beavers are prattling about fawg totally ignoring the definition of such. The shortest visibility I saw on their chart was 0.75 (Imperial) mile which is 1.2 kilometer and thereby a bogfail!

The podcast was a CBC "Best of Ideas" episode featuring some address by a Canadian provincial children’s rights appointee on, you guessed it, children’s rights and wrongs, as in how government treats Amerindian children. I can’t speak for Canadia, but I can offer that it is the policy of the Yankee republic to repress and enslave all of its electorate and future electorate. Certainly the recent government funding bill enacted by the congress is more about helping the Capitalist Cancer than taking care of citizenry. I was struck by this as a parallel to the government of Greater Metropolitan Arab which is controlled by real estate agents for whom current residents are irrelevant – except as cash cows – and potential residents are the focus of all efforts.

While on this mutual antithesis I came across this cartoon; [Link]

which epitomizes so many situations in our society: the two governmental ones just mentioned and the current demonstrations about police violence and profiling.