Tattering Life

Better. The air temperature is still too low for me to assay a constitutional but except for the frigidity of the shower room not as unpleasant in the house as yesterday. And I don’t have to rush out in the next thirteen minutes to position the recycle bin to be partly hauled away, partly dumped in the street sometime before dusk. This sorry situation with the recyclage/rubbish collector contractor of Greater Metropolitan Arab is a microcosm of the deterioration of the nation.

I ran across an article [Link] on how increasingly mature adults are choosing not to work because they can;t get work that is good. I am being deliberately ambiguous here because because this is not only not quantitative (except in panic numbers like the fraction of not-workers in each county in the Yankee republic – 0.23 in Marshall County where Greater Metropolitan Arab is) but it is highly subjective. A good fraction of these not-workers are such because they lost one or more jobs in the recession and now have no prospects other than burger flipping (as a class of employment,) which won’t sustain a decades old life style.

Another group are those chewed up by the marketplace and spat out on the verge. The classic of this is the weekend warrior who has spent the last ten (?) years in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been mangled by pyrotechnics and shrapnel, and is now unfit for any role in society other than pond scum. Regardless of any PTSD or similar.

No small amount of this smacks of a capitalist utopia run rampant. So long as there is any source of paying customers, no corporate economization is too extreme, and no burden on the tax payer too large. Unfortunately there are already signs that the economy is creaking towards another collapse, this one caused by too many corporations having no loyalty to employee or customer in search of cash flow.

But what fundamentally struck me about the article was the complementarity of reprodenialists and demodenialists. They are two side of a single family. On the reprodenialist side we have those who hate family but are shackled to it and live in crippling fear that their dead beat relatives are going to show up on the stoop one day and destroy their lives into clay existence by leeching forever.

On the other hand, the demodenialists love family and hence can completely ignore it until they are in need and then they demand full support. Their greatest fear is having no family to succor them – never mind they offer none of meaning or substance – and thus must compel that such exist. In a way it’s a tale of ant and grasshopper except they are now the same, bipolar species.

At least it is supposed to be a milder day today. than yesterday. Weatherish, that is.