Full of Sound if not Fury

Survived the expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Actually almost enjoyable. Everything went right except my cellular telephone. It was pretending it was a Winders phone – crash every other CPU cycle and do nothing in between. Of for my Motorola brick! Which is saying something since the current phone is a Motorola. Has to be the OS. For some reason the Ubuntu phone suddenly looks much more attractive.

But this did prompt me to as myself what is the Android human type? As we know, The Winders human type is bog and the Apple human type is geek, and the Linux human type is nerd, at least modally, so what is the Android human type. I am not sure. It may be anti-geeks, since a lot of Android users have hatred fro Apple and its slaves. But a lot of folks I know who use Android are geeks. And there are bogs and nerds who use Android. It must have a different dimensionality?

Speaking of which, one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, send me this cartoon: [:ink]

and I recalled my own days in elementary school. Although I wasn’t taught a lot of elemental things there and so I am unsure of the taxonomy’s validity. I never attended preschule since we didn’t have those things in the ’50’s. We just have mothers. Which most kids these days don’t have. Their biological mothers work and so their social mothering is left to hirelings. Not saying these latter aren’t good folk and are probably more qualified than the biologicals, just that was how things were and are.

I did get to participate in a play, I believe in third grade, but it was a paltry thing that lacked anything as cool as a "head cold germ". As I recall I got a role mostly because of my memory rather than any talent. Happily I disposed of any idea of acting as work quickly and got to re-concentrate on those things that weren’t taught in schule, like reading and writing and maths and science.

I hear lots of complaints about the current irrelevance and incompetence of the schools. I have even uttered some of them. But this is not new. Our schools have always been irrelevant and incompetent, the playthings of politicians who usually don’t send their children to them. Education, I am convinced increasingly as I age, is a matter of the individual and some help from parents and mentors; the schools are a detriment and a cancer.

Except for having pageants with head cold germs.