Inundated by Utilities

We had winter rain last night. And both the Arab Electron Uncooperative and the Oneonta Telephone Company caved. Cravens and Scalawags!

So the first I apprehended upon arising was to reboot computers. And discover the internet was unpresent. So I took myself to my ablutions and concluding such found the way still closed, I assayed a constitutional in the park. It was goodly albeit I did drench myself to the point of necessitating rerobing. But now the internet is returned – in a fashion – and I may attempt those things that need be done.

I did have occasion to think a bit in between drops intruding on my concentration and I have noticed, I think, a savage difference among podcasts. On these week outs I alternate a bit between Linux podcasts and pen/paper/pencil podcasts. And I have noted a bit of a difference in tone. The latter are a bit more oily in tone. I am entertaining the conjecture, perhaps hypothesis, that this is due to the difference between maker and user. I rest this upon the guesting on the latter podcasts. When they have a guest who makes something, even notebooks, then the oiliness recedes .

The distinction is a bit strained, I fear. After all even users of pen and pencil and paper make things, or at least do some composition. But they also have a decided taint of collector. Of geekness pure and simple. This is lacking in the Linux podcasts because everyone has to make something even if it only a BASH script or a spreadsheet.

On a more happy tone, I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

yesterday and since it was halfway supportive of the reality of algebra, I grabbed it. And it did make me reflect on how much of the algebra (and maths) that I had learned did I remember. And I sadly have to admit to much less than the total. But I am constantly refreshing myself and even occasionally learning anew. And that is the difference between bog and nerd.

Maths are life. Those who do not maths only exist.