Time and Bubbles

Back to gym! Almost a return to modality! Except that the gym is getting more crowded early on. And with other ORFs. And while there is disgust and angst hanging in the future at least this instant there is some absence of evil.

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s "Best of Ideas" about the possibility of life on other planets, Solar and extra-Solar. It was not very good. The interviewees were populated more with science fiction writers than with scientists. And what scientists were interviewed generally did grave damage striking horrible analogs to try and bogize what they wanted to talk about. The worst such was a discussion of the search for electromagnetic signals from aliens as a nine-dimensional space. And then some analogy with oceans was made I was completely lost. I suspect this is one of the reasons I don’t try to do outreach.

On which azimuth, today is the first of December, which illustrates how whacked our timekeeping is. December mean ‘month ten’ although clearly it is actually month twelve. By rights it should be named Duodecember and November should be Undecember (or some such.) Sometimes I envy the French revolution that redid the calendar including renaming months so that they at least held together. Not like month named Ten that is actually Twelve.

Continuing, a group from U York has uncovered indications that humans began drinking milk about 5 KYA. [Link] No linkage yet with human genetic, just dental plaque, so we don’t know if the horrible effects of lactose on modal human adults was a tolerated evil or not.