Shoes and Gum?

Better. Air temperature higher this morning. My aft porch wireless thermometer informed me fifty-five degF, so I assayed a constitutional in the park. It did not tell me that dihydrogen oxide was falling but that was endurable. In fact, it was a ‘frog-boiling’ rain, the kind that gets you wet but you don’t realize it until just shy of soaking. But even then pleasant and most satisfying. May actually make the day worth while which will be a marked improvement for the rest of the week.

Which, of course, raises the question of whether sundae is first or last day of the week. I will ignore the question of keeping since that makes saturn’s day eve the first day of the week and thus counts days from dusk rather than midnight or dawn depending on whether one is nerd, geek, or bog. I consider sundae the end of the week since I worked for many years and in that frame mundane day is the start of work so the start of THE week. And I will plead that I am too old to change and even that there is no need to.

But shabbat commences at dusk on Freya’s day and not at dawn on sundae like the evil christianist evangelicals maintain.

The podcast was an episode of the "Linux Luddites". Since the gym was closed on Thor’s day for employee goof-off and I would modally have listened to a Linux podcast on Thor’s day, I started listening on my stationary bicycle on Thor’s day morning here in my book clogged study. And I just stayed with it each day.

Intriguingly, none of the Linux podcasts I listen to particularly instructive and, at best, marginally insightful, but they are mostly well done. Somehow the Brits are much better at podcasts than Americans. Ditto Canadians are better. Which raises the question of why are Americans so inept at podcasting? I don’t have an answer to this question but I will place some cogitation-time against it. Film at Eleven.

But I was led down a herring track by a comment about the unipurpose of Unix clients. The track was a consideration of the dichotomy of Unix monotasking and Ian McGyver-Alton Brown multitasking. This is fundamentally the difference between the sedentary (leading to agricultural and maybe civilization) and hunter-gatherer lifestyles. The latter could not afford monotasking implements unless they were in a situation of temporary sedentaryness. This follows by the absence of any means of transport other than their own bodies. So anything you carried about with you had to be either fundamental to survival or a multitasker. I am not at all sure anthropologists and paleontologists and archaeologists have that in consideration when they mumble about HGs.

So why do we moderns have our fascination with multitaskers? We can fairly readily afford the burden of monotaskers. Indeed, many of our multitaskers are associated with restricted transport. I myself carry a Victrionix (R) super-tinker because it does much of what I want and I am willing to accept its inefficient and ineffective nature. That is, monotaskers are always (almost) more effective and efficient than multitaskers. This is implicit to the concept.

But it doesn’t answer the question.

I sometimes think that we have some genetic predisposition to multitaskers. We get a feeling of satisfaction from the facade of efficiency. But I think it transcends that. When I look at the monotaskers I would need to carry to equal the bits of my multitasker, I am discouraged by the jangling mass and volume.

On the other hand, I carry at least one pen as well. And the pen, arguably, is a monotasker. This is a bit ambiguous and illustrates the nature of the discussion. I can wrote various things with the pen as well as do maths and even draw or sketch. But the same may also be said of the bits on my multitasker knife. So the discussion is muddled from the get-go.

Again, cogitation-time is indicated.

But the day has begun well. For a change.