Sleep Breakng

Yesterday was better. Not higher temperature. On the edge of shivering much of the day. But we issued forth for family breakfast observance of the holy day (Thanksgiving,) delayed by cross-obligations, a lesson in network mechanics if the dowager parent (grandparent, great-grandparent) were at all interested or attentive. But things went well – better than usual – and hence it was satisfactory if not exactly uplifting. And now all we have to dread is the BIG holy day, Newtonmas. Or for most of the family, Christmas.

I am divided on whether I prefer Newtonmas or Winter Solstice. Both are preferable to prevaricative religionist appellations. I don’t object to them observing as they will but I consider evangelism to be criminal. Harassment. Bullying. Speaking for Deity.

When we returned to Castellum SCP we were en-visited by plumbers who had finally arrived to install new taps so that my drippage might be made a bit less stressful. So we fluttered about while three new sets of taps, all direct, were installed. With only moderate panic from FD SCP. Some modifications – minor – of counter-tops were necessary to accommodate a decade of change in taps (even though they are also restoration pseudo-antiques!) and this put her design investment at risk and hence a bit of panic. But it was endured, cheque enscribed, and back – belatedly – to Freya day routine.

It was still too low temperature this morning for me to assay a constitutional – I have high hopes for tomorrow – so I am running a bit ahead of schedule and managed to consult a few articles. One, a podcast also, [Link] entitled "Early birds vs night owls" was a bit perverse and irritating. I was rather upset by a statement:

"But in modern society, we’re pretty much trapped in a 9-5 routine, which means that poor night owls are at a natural disadvantage, and constantly face sleep deprivation."

This is the veriest of stercus tauri.. Point is that if one is an "early riser" getting up at 0330 or so, then 0900 is the equivalent of noon for someone who rises at 0600 and 1700 is the middle of the evening. So one-sidedly saying the imposed work schedule is nasty to night owls is prejudice and bigotry.

But I cannot say that I am surprised. Journalists are whacked these days. Their appearance of even-handedness is pure pretense and facade only. Predominantly, early risers are intros, geeks and nerds, and not extro bogs, who are the preferred audience for some reason. Besides night owls are somehow more acceptable than early risers, who only serve to assure the continuation of the species and the organization. Those who persecute early risers have short lifespans, mostly because outsiders – them! – execute dawn attacks and slaughter the night owls in their slumber.

Although I do have to wonder how one can observe some of the supposed effects of sleep deprivation on night owls, especially the mental ones, since they are not known for mentation anyway. But it seems likely the journalist is a night owl and hence is exercising her own dissatisfaction with the pains of civilization and society.