Tag Deferred

Survived. But it was a challenge. Happily, (?) the family gathering is not till this morning so some of the stress of anticipation has been maintained. But FD SCP and I managed to endure the day and have our own – abbreviated – observance. She spent most of the day asleep while I tried to find some television content that was not terminally maudlin nor terminally boring. The search was largely a failure. Couple with that that my primary box is whacked for some reason that I have not yet fully understood, much less corrected, and the internet connection was so sparse as to be non-existent. I do love it when the schules are desessioned.

Because of the latter I have no real content to masticate and so I am at a loss for any pithy commentary.

The temperature is much reduced this morning, which has not enlivened my spirits. In fact it has temped me to access the spirits. The kind in a bottle, not superstition. We shall have enough of that when the family convenes.

I do detest these massive holidays. They warp the space-time of the week and beyond. This feels more like Sundae than Freya’s day. And if it were sundae then tomorrow would be mundane day and this madness would be ceased for a while. I used to daydream about technological hibernation, being able to hide in a box, unaware, during the bad times of the year, summer and winter. But now that these are basically all of the year staying awake seems a pointless exercise. I fear that indicates times of great upheaval ahead.

At least I will not be drug out into the maelstrom of shopping, except possibly by entrainment of others’ wake. It occurs that I have not been actually – physically – shopping in some months. The internet is much easier if less demonstrative. Perhaps that is also what is wanted. Less sensation, more dull. Civilization is a comic book.