Looking for Thankful

The day of dread has arrived. Yes, Thanksgiving. The local newsrag has a column written by the newest bible thumper in town. I am not sure if that’s a matter of vanity or naivety, but this week he wrote about what is proper and improper in Thanksgiving prayers.

Basic stuff for christianists, right? Wrong. It’s all extro stuff. I suppose the majority of pulpit pushers are extro but I am constantly amazed at how unimindedly extro they are as a group. It has been years since I ran into one who was the least bit intro conscious, which is probably why I avoid services like they were Ebola.

So it occurred to me what would an intro thanksgiving prayer be like. It certainly wouldn’t be about bragging because intros don’t brag well. But I’m not sure it would be necessarily thankful since there isn’t much about thanksgiving for an intro to be thankful about. I suppose, if they didn’t have to any family activities or such with extro it might be “thank you for not having to endure the extro ordeal of a highly stressful social gathering.” Or if you did, as most of us have to, it’s likely “help me endure this extro Hell.” Which is not very thankful but it is accurate.

Of course the rational, nerd intros are going to realize that these prayers are ineffective and while the first is harmless the second is actually harmful because it raises false hopes that intensify the awfulness of interminable hours with TOO MANY extros when the prayer fails.

On a happier note, I see [Link] that a lithic hafted axe has bee discovered in Denmark. Big deal! Axes are discovered every day. Old axes are discovered every day. But it is a big deal since this one is still hafted.

Yep, that’s a 5.5 KY old ax complete with haft. That’s handle for the extro bogs. And that’s something exceedingly rare. And it’s something to be thankful for.

Unlike gatherings with extros.