Blind Vision

Lower temperature this morning. Coupled with last gym day of the week due to the craven staff taking a holy day tomorrow instead of supporting their customers. And they wonder why we aren’t nicer to them? Also, the podcast, an episode of the CBC "Quirks and Quarks" was befouled with too much space rubbish. Much of which was incomprehensible because modern academic diversity means the majority of faculty can’t speak intelligible English. Even Amerikan English.

I didn’t notice outbound but inbound I noticed, happily, that the guvmint of Greater Metropolitan Arab finally got around to re-striping Arad Thompson Road. They repaved the road, with enormous inconvenience during the middle of daylight three months ago. And then left it sit, a grave risk to all except those who drive over-sized pickup trucks whose lamps are permanently stuck in bright mode. Apparently their bake sale of Marijuana brownies netted enough money to but the necessary buckets of paint? That is, there were enough brownies not eaten by the town’s conscript real estate agents parents to actually make some income.

Evidently they finally decided the third busiest road in Greater Metropolitan Arab was a great negative in terms of attracting new residents which are the only kind the city council cares about. Established residents are nothing but tax cows to be milked until dead and then sold for fertilizer or per food.

Of course part of this could be that the street maintenance employees have been dedicated to the temporary installation of seasonal lights (Christmas primarily since Greater Metropolitan Arab is a sink hole of protestant evangelistic prejudice,) that have no evident value except to impede traffic and enrich the Arab Electron Uncooperative. We cannot fault those road maintenance folks for not eliminating danger and peril since they were politically directed to the more important task of adorning green sward and telephone poles with wire frame angels, wreaths, and crèches. Never mind the safety of the citizenry, they already reside here and their biers will be well lit.

Despite this morass of political and religionist dementia, the employees of the municipality are, by in large, good folk who would be doing the right stuff if not for their elected masters’ delusions and dementia. At least we can hope it is that and not some repodenialist conspiracy to re-establish chattel slavery and a fascist regime? I am surprised there have been no brags about the absence of Ferguson-style demonstrations, but then the minuscule african-american community is probably smart enough to stay out of sight.

Enough! This has gone beyond an attempt to relieve some of the holy day angst and agony with humor. The best we can say is that at least we have a striped street.