Fall and Fallings

Gad! A better day, thus far. Actually seems like fall out there. Assayed a second constitutional for the extrogym period what with the temperature in the high forties but once I had exited the portcullis of Castellum SCP I discovered a slight but readily observable fall of dihydrogen oxide. Being in a bit of a cynical rebellious mood I persisted and executed the constitutional in due order with only mild wetting.

The "Linux Luddites" podcast ground to a rather grits conclusion with a lovely negative – but polite!, British podcast you know! – discussion of dropbox and owncloud. Bottom line, is much hype and little function, which probably means the Winders aspect is passable but the Linux part is sewage and decay. That, sadly, is corporate Amerika.

The observant may have noted that the last few blots have been composed and posted using Blogilio instead of ScribeFire. This is in the nature of an experiment. I have always rather liked Blogilio but almost always the spell check doesn’t work and given my pre-college "education" was exclusively in Alibam public schules, a spell checker is a necessity. Happily the Debian folk have made this happen in Wheezy so I am retrying Blogilio, at least partly motivated by the crippling of the FF version by Mozilla and the flaky nature of the Chrome version. What is it that browser boys have against blog editors? Do they violate the covenant of passive absorption?

Back in October I did a blot – another one! – on the issue of desk ordering.[Link] One of my apparently loyal readers sent me a pointer to a cartoon: [Link]

that bears on the matter. This type of thing does happen. Almost always it is caused by some interventionist causing difficulty in the name of "better". This is, of course, one of the great plagues of humanity and manifests most strongly among religionists, which is a sovereign reason for their suppression of not extermination. It does happen occasionally, however, to the desk owner and it serves a useful function in that it necessitates a complete reordering and partial cull. These are beneficial if the desk user/owner is actually rational. If laziness, entombment is the better outcome.

Next, some work at U Wisconsin-Madison indicates that brain farts travel in opposite directions depending on whether one is observing reality (?) or imagining. [Link] This provoked a couple of brain farts of my own. First, can I get some sort of sensor or app that will tell me which? It would be quite useful, especially when trying to communicate with someone. Although I can see where it would lead to more failed marriages and relationships and instances of petty assault. The second was an analogy to a toilet, although I am a bit bemused to consider which of the two directions is the proper one.

Ah! the joy of cheese.

On which note, another article, [Link] from New England J of Medicine on what kills us now. This chart

is at least partly encouraging in that the highest probability is from heart problems. Worse ways to discorporate. Cheese, for example.

Fall has this effect on me sometimes.