Who Nose?

Marvelous morning. I actually got to venture out to the park and assay a constitutional. The aft porch and exterior heat exchanger thermometers were within a degF and both above – barely – forty, so I bundled and broached. Evidently I have done some low temperature acclimation because I withstood the ordeal without shivering which tends to be extreme in my heat capacity deprived corpus. I did get well chilled but the motor home was short and the house heat soon diffused the discomfort. At least the "cold" discomfort.

The podcast was an episode of "Linux Luddites" which is an approximately 2 hour podcast so if I listen on Thor’s day I still have about an hour left which about bridges the three days of gymlessness. But I have found it is not conducive to much thought, just pure diversion.

This gave me opportunity to reflect on the sad state of governance in Greater Metropolitan Arab. It seems stuck in a 1950’s (or earlier) mode. Enormous amount of budget are spent on christmas lighting. If anything, it is the town’s largest civic activity. The figures in park were unlit, for which I was quite grateful despite the darkness. I conjecture than when illuminated, these Greater Metropolitan Arab decorations can be seen on Luna. Maybe even on the dark side.

Speaking of dark side, I note that a team from SUNY has ventured a publication that neandertals were indeed a separate species than sapiens.[Link] This is coming back about to what I was taught in undergraduate college when I took that anthropology track. Very risque in those days when everyone was a vapid religionist. Superstitious fervor was second only to football game inebriation.

The rationale for this differentiation is nasal. Evidently they have decided from anatomical fingerings that neandertals had rather different noses than sapiens. This, of course, also tracks with what was said when I was a youngster, that neandertals ere characterized by their brows and noses, both large and intimidating. But what I find intriguing in this contemporary revelation is that when it is coupled with other recent indications of miscegenation between neandertals and sapiens, is that people will reproduce with each other despite their noses.

This is not new. Middle eastern peoples have been proving this for years. In fact, one of my Jewish colleagues claims that the fact is actually written down in a lesser section of Torah. I fear I have to accept his claim unverified although the persistence of nasal magnitude tends to substantiate the actuality if not the literality.

I am of a mixed mind about my nose. When I examine it for skin aberrations, it seems all too large and ugly. But when I try to breathe through it, especially after dark when my blood sugar levels are low, it seems all too small and restrictive. Besides, I am too old to worry about nasal bowleggedness. And it still tends, on occasion, to take me to interesting places of research and exploration. So I shall be content with it.