Winter makes me Stupid?

The hatred of winter continues. Not much sleep last night. Up every two hours to adjust taps. And I bailed on gym this morning after looking at the thermometer. Nineteen degF at 0330. So I pumped the stationary bicycle for two-thirds of an hour. And listened to science podcasts. And discovered that European space wonks can’t design harpoons. Which is no big deal since I can’t either. 

Speaking of which there was a bit on the Face Scroll yesterday that struck me as fiction. Maybe. Claimed to be snippets of an interview with a NASAite about first, why did the Yankee government waste money going to a comet, and then when informed it was the Europeans, why we didn’t get there first. The doubt arises from the perceived rightness of the whole thing, a parody of the very nature of Repodenialist, an oleo of arrogance and bottomless insecurity. Makes one think of joy-labor camps and rubber hoses. And jackboots. 

One of the things I dislike about winter is a continual headache. Most of the time its a dull ache that can be ignored with the least diversion but when I hurt elsewhere or try to think, a very unpolitician thing, it comes back to the fore. Now, I read [Link] that a drug, named Modafinal, that makes smart people stupid. The first question is why? And the second is do politicians cook this or make it naturally? I suspect the latter. If its a genetic thing then perhaps we can develop a medical test for identifying people who secrete the drug and bar them from any responsible occupation. Sort of the ultimate social handicap?

In other news, it seems that a California court has ruled that Gooey search results are free speech. [Link] If so, then why is the code and the algorithms proprietary? Shouldn’t they be freely available for the product to be free speech? And why do we have to put up with all those ads and purchased priority placements? Doesn’t that make it not-free? I know that California is strange but this seems just outright odd and wrong. And does this decision extend to all search engines? Or all lists? And if the search results are free speech how does this impact the European restriction of permitting forgetfulness on Gooey? 

No wonder most politicians are justicers.