Milk Confirmed

Mundane day. Dihydrogen oxide falling. Happily. The weather beavers are foretelling deep winter weather the next few days. Did I mention that I hate winter? So today is the last enjoyable day for a while.

Speaking of enjoying, I noted an article [Link] that indicates that adults drinking milk increase their risk of discorporation significantly. And it’s a bunch stronger for women than men. Put in short terms, if you consume the Yankee government daily recommended dosage of milk your probability of discorporation per diem is doubled.

Why is this enjoyable. Because I can’t digest milk. I’m a modal human. In a statistical sense, 0.75 (approximately) of the adult population of Tellus do not secrete Lactase. Hence cannot digest Lactose. Hence get gas and such. That’s a crushing majority. Except in Nawth Amerika where a disproportionate fraction of the 0.25 live. And the modal folk like myself are discriminated at. Try going to a chain restaurant and getting non-dairy creamer. In fact, they are so oblivious they think half-and-half is NDC.

So I have the enjoyment of knowing that all those folks who do the harassing are putting themselves at greater risk and shorter lifespan. Not that I want them to drop dead but if they won’t give up the harassing biology dictates that I do all I can to persist. And this means I don’t have to be offensive nor agressive. They’ll take care of themselves.