Not Dripping but maybe Drooping

This is second try for the day. Some computational evil swallowed the previous and I am too desolate to try to recreate. So this is a second try. If it fails, despair. Especially given this is continual headache season. Not helped by dripping requirement.

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, has been sending me cartoons and in the sundae spirit I will beat on those a bit. First, [Link]

this struck me on two azimuths. The first was the absolute bogusness of the maths. What is it about all media displays of maths that they are so obviously whacked. Is this why the Simpsons don’t do such? And most gratingly, where is the differential under the integral? Oh, my headache.

The second was the accuracy. FD SCP does difficult calculation – beyond my capacity – every time she dons clothes. I don’t. And that gender differentiation seems universal. At least among homo sapiens. 

Which brings me to some work [Link] that sapiens has been miscegenating with neandertals for about 54 KY instead of the 36 previously thought. Long enough to have lost some of the neandertal DNA. Which bring up the question of what dangers does that loss expose us to? 

And it seems worthy to note this on sundae when the mystics and superstitionists are off to services and the myth of vacuum creation. Which does explain why this gender differentiated behavior. All of the make fashion sense was in that rib.

The second cartoon [Link]

is also notable for its accuracy. My room wasn’t that way as a teenager since my other was a fiend about order and if I wouldn’t order things she would as a punishment. And a horrible punishment it was. But now I know that such room disorder is the sign of a truly ordered mind and I endure. As do most of my colleagues.

From whence surely came some work at U Arizona on steering lightning bolts with laser beams. [Link] The only problem with ths is that it is only academically new. I recall reading science fiction books on this as a teenager. And no credit given so far as I can tell. So much for academic integrity. 

That’s enough. Selah. I’m going to enjoy the not dripping for a few minutes.