Passive Defense

Survived the expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Miserable. I already hate winter. And I didn’t even have to drip last night. That’s the worst, short of an actual burst pipe and thence NO water. I have reached an age where I can endure no electron potential difference easier than no water. 

Dripping means no REM sleep. The taps tend to shut themselves off so I have to make rounds every couple of hours to adjust them. Which messes with my head chemistry. Heck, winter vertically copulates all of my chemistry. If my nose is not running unceasingly then it is clogged and I wish it was. And I have to lubricate almost everything.

Needless to say my morale is somewhere between non-existent and negative. 

I’mgoing to wander off and grump to myself. Perhaps a constructive blot later after the joints are broken loose?