Why Stop Them?

This has been a rough week. In addition to the usual Wednesday trip I also had to go to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill to remedy the recall of my motorcar – some problem with its politician – airbag. And this morning – and forecast all week out – the temperature is too low for me to visit the park. I am resigning myself to the arrival of winter and the cessation of my constitutional for the duration. That does not mean I shan’t be perspiring and exerting, but on the not quite satisfactory stationary bicycle instead of the outdoor path. I am considering a midday excursion but some reconnaissance will be necessary to make sure the AO is not overrun with terrorist bairns and hausfrauen. 

The problem with all this activity is that it is not my modal activity and hence the aged corpus is unused to such and reacts negatively both to the new activity and to the absence of the old. I feel rather like the fellow who was sat upon by a pachyderm but gently. One would prefer to avoid the distinction but failing that, that a full blown sitting occur and put one from one’s misery. 

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inducatance Force, sent me a cartool [Link]

which seems a wellspring of insight on motherhood and management, which are two not quite different fields of endeavor. I fear that I can only offer kritik on the former subject since I fail its physical but positive information on the latter since its physical does not include a gender check except by the incompetent.

The motherhood issue is why interrupt an activity if one (a) knows what it is and (b) is nondestructive. I can understand the interruption is one has a headache or a sleeping bairn or some such but arbitrarily? On the management side there is a further issue, which is whether the activity contributes to the purpose and function? In my experience an occasional catharsis is useful in regenerating vigor and productivity and screaming is much less destructive than explosive pyrotechnics. The latter, of course, is part and parcel of the missile development business. One of the more rewarding as well. Especially when the test dummies can be effigies. 

I am going to skulk away to some rest and hope that I can recharge my batteries sufficiently to run in circles and scream and shout.