DST Evil

End of week out. And end, for a short – too short – while of the evil that is daylight savings time. I have to wonder if the pols have erred in scheduling elections in two days when the memory of the evil will be strong in the electorates minds. If I may use that term in referring to what in essence is a bog population.

FD SCP tells me that she rather likes this fall transition since it affords her an extra hour of slumber. I dislike it because I will be exhausted this evening and awaken on the morrow at my body’s appointed time, and will for a week or so. 

I also read [Link] that daylight savings time is detrimental to health. Basically the complaints that I have been uttering for years. Will the Pols pay attention? Nay, neither repodenialists nor demodenialists have any use for science except as deception and distraction. Another good reason we should criminalize partisanship. Especially now when we are all grumpy from sleep disruption.

In fact, I am so depressed I am hanging things up right now. Zero interest span. Hopefully it will return later,