Boom Payoff?

I caved this morning. Looked at the readouts of air temperature sensing and made a command decision to ride my stationary bicycle instead of venturing out into the park for constitutional. First time I have used the bicycle since spring. Batteries still have stored charge so I didn’t have to do any dark cursing except to pick up piles of books toppled by the pedals. Not as enjoyable. Understatement. No distraction of falling down when leaving the path by wandering – or teetering. No great thoughts for some reason? Environment too sterile? Or is it the absence of the Nature connection?

Anyway, I ran across an article [Link]. entitled “An unmanned rocket exploded. So what?”

and my immediate thought was “Vanguard”. As a child I saw the evening news the day the Yankee navy blew their dominance in the “Space Race” big time. Much worse. Probably. Lost the dreams of the Yankee Space Navy with space battleships and vacuum suits with gold braid and epaulets.

But they did have good fireworks. And my father wasn’t out of a job. And I got to grow in in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. In third world Alibam.

On a less pleasant note I noted [Link] that Winders VII is now ‘officially dead’. I now have the enviable position of having no ‘live’ Winders installs in Castellum SCP. Which is somehow rather sweet.

I wonder if MegaHard is aware of this? Because if I feel that way so must many others.

Next, I ran across several articles [Link][Link] about the competition between Apple and EVERYONE ELSE on ‘mobile pay’. Not sure I care. Not sure I plan on using mobile pay anytime soon. Like after Tartarus thaws out.  Why? Because every major player on both sides has been hacked. At least once. So simply put, negation of trust. That probably won’t deter the GEN Ys so the corpratists likely won’t care about me but it will give me opportunity to complicate their operations and buy from other places.

Besides, I don’t trust my cellular telephone. It crashes at least once an hour when it is turned on. And it is slower than my old 8086 IBM PC. Even with the lousy bandwidth actually provided by the Oneonta Telephone Company.

Time to move on. Film at Eleven.