Fawg Madness

Fawg season has arrived. Second day. Run off the road to Castellum SCP twice by pickup truck road hawgs wanting the whole road. Not a bad session at gym however. Listened to some blather on podcast about the psychology of Dostoevsky inferred from his novels and biographies. Rather a pile of poo with scant pony. The best offerings:

There is no such thing as a moderate addiction;


Adult = Child + Puberty.

The latter was a telling argument for why we should do better as parents and indeed upholds the advocacy of one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, that reproduction should only be allowed under license and licensing should be based more on how good a parent one would be than one’s genes.  There is a wrinkle on what the penalty should be for unlicensed reproduction. I think I favor the discorporation of the miscreants approach. 

Speaking of discorporation, I noted on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver (visual only) in the gym that the female lead in “Welcome Back Kotter” has discorporated from cancer. This saddens me a bit. The program was excellent, notably the last thing Travolta did that was even good, and the female lead was hideously under-appreciated.